Napoli Fintech Lab

The Napoli FinTech Lab is a totally free advanced training project for young talents, based on a financial innovation lab, in which financial companies in the sector, a technology partner, fintech start-ups and students participate, aimed at creating a university fintech ecosystem, active in the process of digital transformation of the banking and financial industry.


The Laboratory specializes in the design and development of fintech solutions

Social Impact
New inclusive training model, free of charge for participants

Based on ecosystem logic and open innovation

Design and Technology
Specialization in the design and development of fintech solutions


Higher education and fintech skills

The NFL aims to solve two major problems in higher education:
  • Fee is a barrier to entry for the most deserving and least well off students, who are forced to give up on pursuing a highly specialized course.
  • Regarding Internship, the student does not know in advance whether or with whom he or she will be working, nor the content of the activities on which he or she will be employed, with the risk of not capitalizing on the opportunity for contact with the company.
There is a skill gap between fintech factories and traditional intermediaries, plus specialist training programs are few. For those that exist, they foresee the provision of fintech courses and testimonials from part of the market operators, but there is no practical approach to fintech innovation.

The NFL proposes itself as an interlocutor of the banking and financial sector in the process of digital transformation.

The NFL is a laboratory that works with a logic of a strongly inclusive ecosystem, in which the University, the financial industry, a Tech company and start-ups coexist, in order to create a place of exploration testing of new fintech solutions.

The objectives of the NFL are:
  • find and train new talent, removing barriers to entry to higher education;
  • provide the new design and technological skills needed for the new competition;
  • design and develop new fintech solutions;
  • incubate new business ideas in an area lacking opportunities for first access to business development.


The Ecosystem

The project foresees full cooperation between the University and the Laboratory partners at all key stages of the training program. For start-ups, the involvement of the Department’s business accelerator, Knowtrack, is envisaged.