Discover the stories and testimonials of young talents who before you had the opportunity to follow the Napoli Fintech Lab training program. Next, it could be you.


A network of alumni and stories

Gennaro Amato

Associate Auditor in Private Equity and Real Estate at PwC Luxembourg

The NFL is a great opportunity to discover the world of Fintech and new technologies applied to business in general. During the last edition I realized how important the study of Big Data is today, not only in finance but in any industry in general. Moreover, the NFL gave me the possibility to understand how a technological project is born and developed.

During the final business case, the use of design thinking methods allowed my team to understand what potential consumers really wanted from the product we were developing and we were able to come up with ideas that seemed unthinkable at the beginning of the project. I believe that the NFL can be of great help to anyone who wants to undertake consultancy work in the world of digital transformation or to anyone who wants, sooner or later, to launch an innovative start-up.

Elena Federica Salomoni

Functional Business Analyst at Aubay Italia

The NFL is a unique experience, an opportunity to be treasured. I felt involved at 360°, not only from an educational point of view, focused on FinTech and Innovation, but also from a human and professional point of view. The open and continuous confrontation with the professors during the courses, the seminars held by the professionals, the close collaboration with the experts and the listening to the clients during the Open Innovation project represent the real added value of this stimulating path, as they allow you to get involved, learn and grow.

Nicolò Mombelli

Data Scientist at Intesa Sanpaolo

The NFL was a unique experience that helped me to think outside the box through fresh and challenging activities. The lessons and the teamwork were essential to consolidate my professional skills.

Andrea De Lucia


Through the NFL, I have been able to fill my gaps in business and finance by learning from some of the top experts in the field, I have met entrepreneurs who implement innovative business ideas using the latest technology, and I have worked on an ambitious project as part of a highly motivated team, but above all, I have learned how rewarding it can be to work hard to achieve a goal.

Pasquale Silvestre

Insights & Data Analyst Consultant at Capgemini

The Napoli FinTech Lab for me has been a fundamental step along my professional and personal path, as I am strongly motivated to build a solid career in the financial sector, but I also want my profession to be characterized by a high technological content and the Napoli FinTech Lab has definitely allowed me to acquire useful tools and knowledge in order to achieve such goals.

On a personal level, I am very pleased that the NFL has allowed me to take a specialized course on the programming language ‘Python’ with a specific focus on its most used modules in the field of Data Analytics, as well as the opportunity to meet and discuss with an expert in the field.

Another aspect that I would like to highlight from my experience is that thanks to the NFL I have had the opportunity to expand my network of acquaintances; I have met people who have much the same goals and vision for the financial sector as I do.

Davide Tarenghi

Innovation Specialist at Intesa Sanpaolo

The Napoli FinTech Lab has been a wonderful opportunity for me to grow as a person and as a professional, thanks to which I have been able to experience innovation at 360°, benefiting from the thinking of people with different backgrounds and attitudes, but with a common goal: to put the customer first.

Giuseppina Dello Ioio

Application Development Analyst at Accenture

The Napoli FinTech Lab has been a path that has allowed me to learn new things, to improve, to grow professionally and personally and to meet extraordinary people. I have had the opportunity to attend very interesting courses and seminars on topics related to financial innovation; in addition, there has been the opportunity to attend a programming course in Python which has allowed me to improve a lot.

The Open Innovation period was also an opportunity to work in teams and to get involved further, using Design Thinking methodologies to prototype a solution to a challenge proposed by one of the lab partners.

Tommaso Raucci

Financial and Banking law

Participating in the Napoli Fintech Lab allowed me to acquire, as a lawyer, a global knowledge and understanding of the concept of innovation through a training course that privileged dialogue and confrontation with important players in the sector.

Francesco Perrotta

Marketing and Data Analyst

The NFL has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of fintech, with a major focus on blockchain and innovation in the sector.

The project work also allowed me to engage directly with the Bank on a highly challenging Open Innovation proposal.

Firas Hamido

Professional Services Specialist at Aubay Italia

The Fintech Lab was a fantastic experience that propels you into the future and prepares you for the world of digital work.