International Fintech Research Conference

Finance, technology, methodologies

Parthenope University of Naples | 2-3 November 2023
Via Generale Parisi 13 – I-80132 Naples (Italy)

The Conference aims to stimulate discussion and promote collaboration among researchers working in all areas of Fintech, providing a multidisciplinary venue. Contributed papers are welcome in all Fintech research fields such as (but not limited to): theoretical analysis of the Fintech domain (finance and economic analysis), machine learning applications to Finance, cryptocurrencies, digital currency, cybersecurity, neural networks approach in Fintech, smart contracts, peer to peer finance, big data analysis, nowcasting, text analysis in finance, blockchain technologies, network analysis in finance, behavioral finance. No fee is required for participation.

A prize for the best paper presented at the Conference is established.

A special issue of Decisions in Economics and Finance will follow up on the Conference.

The Conference is the second edition of an annual initiative promoted by the Fintech Research Network, steered by a group of researchers working in all areas of Fintech. Our aim is to develop proactive research initiatives such as conferences, summer schools, workshops, seminars, research projects within the Fintech framework, broadly intended.

The conference incentives cooperation among the member of the SEA-EU alliance and aims to foster inclusive, digital, green interdisciplinary, and innovative training pathways as promoted by the tasks 2.2. and 2.3 of the alliance.

Important dates

Abstract/paper submission:
August 31, 2023 September 15, 2023
Notification of acceptance:
September 20, 2023  September 30, 2023
Conference registration:
September 30, 2023  October 15, 2023


Keynote speakers

  • Juri Marcucci, Banca d’Italia
  • Stefan Thurner, University of Vienna

Scientific committee

Emilio Barucci, Nicola Borri, Andrea Consiglio, Stefania Corsaro, Luca Di Persio, Massimiliano Ferrara, Gianna Figà Talamanca, Paolo Giudici, Fabrizio Lillo, Daniele Marazzina, Silvia Muzzioli, Francesca Perla

Organizing committee

Francesco Busato, Stefania Corsaro, Zelda Marino, Daniele Previtali, Salvatore Scognamiglio, Paolo Zanetti (Parthenope University of Naples)

International Fintech Research Conference


The International Fintech Conference will take place in Pacanowski building at the Department of Management and Quantitative Studies of Parthenope University. Pacanowski building was built between 1959-66; it’s a large and impressive edifice of post-war “modern” Neapolitan architecture. The address is: via Generale Parisi 13, Napoli.

To reach Parthenope University you can walk or use the Chiaia elevator or the Chiatamone elevator. The Chiaia elevator is public and is located in via Chiaia and connects via Chiaia with piazza S. Maria degli Angeli (Monte di Dio). It is convenient for those arriving from via Toledo and the historic center. The Chiatamone elevator is owned by the University and connects via Chiatamone directly with the conference venue. It is located at the intersection of via Chiatamone with via Arcoleo. It is located on the right of the tunnel, looking at the tunnel, under the gallery. It is convenient for those arriving from the waterfront, via Parthenope, Riviera di Chiaia and via dei Mille.

Award for the best paper presented at the International Fintech Research Conference

The Organizing Committee establishes a prize for the best paper presented at the second International Fintech Research Conference.

The Prize amounts to 500 Euros. To be eligible, candidates must have an accepted talk at the conference and must be born after January 1, 1988.

Deadline for the application is September 15, 2023.

Young authors willing to apply must submit a full paper to the conference and a CV by email to; abstracts, extended abstracts and incomplete papers will not be taken into consideration. Papers can have multiple authors, but the candidate must give the talk.

The prize is awarded according to the final judgment of the Award Committee that will choose the winner considering the quality of both the paper and the presentation.

Emilio Barucci – Politecnico di Milano
Nicola Borri – Luiss Guido Carli
Andrea Consiglio- Università di Palermo
Stefania Corsaro – Università di Napoli Parthenope
Luca Di Persio – Università di Verona
Massimiliano Ferrara – Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
Gianna Figà Talamanca – Università di Perugia
Paolo Giudici – Università di Pavia
Fabrizio Lillo – Università di Bologna and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa
Daniele Marazzina – Politecnico di Milano
Zelda Marino – Università di Napoli Parthenope
Silvia Muzzioli – Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Francesca Perla – Università di Napoli Parthenope

Abstract Submission

Abstracts can be submitted by email at following this latex or doc template by September 15, 2023. Notification of acceptance will be given by September 20, 2023.


The Conference program is available here. The Social social dinner will take place at 7.30pm at restaurant “Signora Bettola” in vico Satriano 3B. The cost of the social dinner is 40 euros.

Conference registration

Conference registrations are closed.

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